Meet Gail and John Miller

Studies show that most people spend more time planning their vacation, than they do planning their estate.  However, John and Gail are the exceptions to the rule.  They have chosen to articulate their hopes and dreams through their estate plan.  John and Gail created a revocable trust that will provide for them during their lifetime, protect them in the event of incapacity, and after they are both gone, will avoid probate by distributing their assets to the individuals and organizations that are meaningful to them.


When asked why they choose to support Saint Bede Catholic Church along with their other charities through a planned gift, Gail responded she had received a hand-written invitation from the Pastor to learn more about her husband’s Catholic Faith.  In addition to attending Mass with John throughout their married life, Gail had been practicing the Lutheran Faith of her forefathers since childhood.  After Gail learned about the Catholic Faith through RCIA classes at Saint Bede, she chose to convert and was received into the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil in 2011.  “Saint Bede changed my life; you don’t take without giving back.”  John, a lifelong Catholic, attended Catholic schools from grammar school through college.  “I recognize the benefit of the values that I learned from my Catholic education. I also realize the ongoing spiritual strengthening that I receive at Saint Bede so, like Gail, I want to give back.”


John and Gail are active volunteers in the Williamsburg community who give back through several ministries at Saint Bede.  Additionally, John is a volunteer tax aide counselor for AARP/VITA during the income tax season.  Both Gail and John have been ardent Rhodesian Ridgeback (African Lionhound) fanciers since 1986 and support Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue and the AKC Canine Health Foundation.

If you have considered including Saint Bede Catholic Church as a beneficiary of your estate and would like more information, please contact Development Director, Beatrice T. Sanford, OFS at 757-603-6989 ext. 2315 or email


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