Small Faith Communities


Using prayer, bible studies and faith formation programs, these groups can create in a smaller setting a community that enhances the life of the entire parish.

These groups consist of 6-12 people who meet in homes to study the truths of the Catholic Church, to deepen their spiritual life, or to engage more actively in the Church's mission.  Each group is Christ-centered intent upon strengthening the bonds of real community in the parish, encouraging fidelity to the Magisterium, and creatively engaging the culture with the faith.  When they gather, these groups:

  • Pray, listen and theologically reflect upon Scripture together

  • Share ways the Word of God relates to one’s life experience

  • Take on responsibility for living as a Catholic in the world

  • Encourage and support one another



Why Join a Small Faith Group?

Small church communities have been identified as a source of support for Catholics who wish to deepen their faith and integrate it more fully into their work and relationships. Sometimes we may find it difficult to apply what takes place at Sunday Mass to the rest of the week. The small group experience enhances the Sunday liturgy for its members, because it gives them an opportunity to share the message of the gospel in a very personal way.


To be truly Christ's Church in the world is the vocation of every lay person. The small faith community, as a vital part of the greater parish community, provides encouragement to many Catholics to live out this call. Sharing life stories with each other gives concrete examples of God's grace in our lives.