Tribute Gifts

Memorial Gifts

The loss of a family member or a friend can be a painful experience that can be lessened by the support of caring individuals who take the time to tell you how that person made a difference in their life. Many of us recognize certain special days like Memorial Day and All Souls Day, as a time to remember those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. You can help perpetuate the memory of a loved one by making a gift in his or her memory through our Tributes program. We also have opportunities for various memorial markers on our grounds that offer a lasting tribute to your loved one. For more information contact Director of Development, Harold D. "Sam" Samorian Jr., at 757-229-3631 ext. 2315 or send an email

Gifts in Honor

May is also a time for many special occasions- weddings, graduations and other events that bring families together to honor accomplishments and achievements. You may wish to consider making a gift in their honor. Our parish offers you a way to honor someone who has been important to you by posting your loving tribute to them. Your gifts can be used in our ministries as we respond to our call to be 'disciples who form disciples'.

Online Honor and Memorial Gifts 
To make an online gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one, click Donate Here  to access our secure website. Look under Other Collections for TRIBUTE where you can enter IMO (In Memory Of) or IHO (In Honor Of) and the name of your loved one on the second page. We will be happy to notify the individual or family of your tribute if you provide us with their name and address.  

You may be interested to know how our ministries focus on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. 

Saint Bede Ministry                                      Work of Mercy

JOY Ministry                                                 Visit the Sick

HOPE Pregnancy Care Center                         Clothe the Naked

Apostles of the Divine Mercy                          Admonish the Sinner & Forgive All Injuries   

RCIA/Welcome Home                                    Counsel the Doubtful & Comfort the Sorrowful

Prison Ministry                                              Visit the Imprisoned

Williamsburg House of Mercy                          Feed the Hungry

Vacation Bible School                                     Give Drink to the Thirsty

Reconciliation                                                Bear Wrongs Patiently

Faith Formation                                              Instruct the Ignorant

Williamsburg House of Mercy                           Shelter the Homeless

Funeral Ministries                                           Bury the Dead & Pray for the Living and the Dead     


To learn more about the many parish activity groups and ministries in our faith community, please click here 

Questions? Please contact Director of Development, Harold D. "Sam" Samorian Jr., at 757-229-3631 ext. 2315 or send an email









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We gratefully acknowledge the following tributes made during the months of January through December of 2018

Gift in Loving Memory of Loren "Andy" Anderson by:
Michael J. Fox
Ruth and Richard Hines

Gift in appreciation of the Bells at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham by David and Marjolaine Kranbuehl

Gift to the House of Mercy in Honor of the marriage of Joy and Dean Blair given by
Virginia Sweeney

Gift in Loving Memory of Roberto Brandveen given by:
Robert Chrane

Gift in Loving Memory of Carol Burton by:
Pat Eden
Janice Elko
Stephanie Sell

Gift in Loving Memory of Richard Cologgi by Julianne Graboski

Gift to the House of Mercy in Loving Memory of Michael Esposito by:
Carolyn Esposito
Drs R and K Esposito

Gift in Loving Memory of Marge Gieseking given by:
Brenda A. Baker
Mary and Richard Cheston
Marlene Confare
Beth Engler
Robert and Katherine Law
Carol Le Barge
Karen and Richard Saxon

Gift to the House of Mercy in Loving Memory of Anthony Gunderman by:
Tony and Marge Marotta
Barry and Dorothy Worfolk

Gift in Loving Memory of Delores Kappesser given by Alvin Grollman

Gift in Loving Memory of James Kearns
given by Colleen Killilea

Gift to the Funeral Ministry in Loving Memory of John T. Kennelly given by Margaret M. Jones

Gift to the House of Mercy in Loving Memory of John T. Kennelly given by Priscilla C. Peterson

Gift in Loving Memory of Gaston Lambert by:
Raymond and Nancy D'Alessio
Margaret Emond
Michele and Luis Matias
Jane and Jim O'Connor & Family
Lucille and Martin Sullivan
Therese Vaz

Gift in Loving Memory of Sonja Landvogt given by Tom and Lola Landvogt

Gifts in Loving Memory of Eleanor Lenz given by: 
Danise and Ruppert Beirne
The Cox and Jamison Family
Joseph and Rosemary Curtin
Ngoc-my and Francis Guidarelli
Jeanne and Robert Halkowich
Laurie Halkowich
Janice W. Haynes
Brenda and John B. Hughes
Eleanor and Ron Jacobson
Andy and Sarah Barr Jones
Mary H. and Robert B. Jones
Pam M. Joy
Danielle and J. Michael Kelleher
Linda and Michael Lechman
Ed and Hattie Merkling
Barbara and Charles Miller, Jr.
Ashley and Ben Page
Maxine Pellis
Judith and Robert Rathert
Katharine Rider
SBCS 6th Grade Comets
Diane G. Sobota
Thomas Sullivan
Orval and Suzanne Sweeney
Virginia E. Sweeney
Catherine Toomey
Regina Toomey
Robert, Susan, Lucy, and Lauren Vick
Mr and Mrs William Wall

Gift in Loving Memory of Tom Link given by Bob and Lynne Kiley

Gift to Building Fund in Loving Memory of William J Love 
given by Jason and Yvette Shallcross

Gift to the House of Mercy in Honor of Elmer May
given by Jim and Fran Lockard

Gift to Building Fund in Loving Memory of John R. McMahon given by Susan and Glenn Heumann

Gift in Honor of Joan Natoce given by:
Virginia Dittman

Gift in Loving Memory of Victor Padula given by:
Mary-Jo Padula

Gift to the House of Mercy in Loving Memory of Ethel and Carmine Santoro by Christine and Dan Burns and Family

Gift to the House of Mercy in Loving Memory of Charles Skillman by Gene and Rosemary Mazza

Gift in Honor of Jeff and Suzie Sterrett given by:
Gail and John Miller

Gift to the Hope Pregnancy Center, in Memory of Samuel Andrew Wallace by Jim and Monica Rettig

Gift to Faith Formation Programs in Loving Memory of Jonathan 'Joe' Tomshack given by:
Sandra Boyd
Kiana Cunningham
Marjorie Grammar
Nancy Obadal
Launa and David Post
Mrs. J.R. Suitlas

Gift in Loving Memory of Jerome P. Trehy given by:
Bob and MJ Carboni
The John & Barbara Dowd Family: Kathy, Mark, Margaret, Scott, Maureen, and Sean
Al and Lee Karbowski
Susan Krancer
Chris and Eliza Lillard
Debbie G. Luczko
Don Mosman, PBM Capital Group
Bob and Taylor Neal

Larry Stemple
Walter and Hilda Taschek

Gift in Loving Memory of Kay Voglewede given by:
Kathleen A. Tierney