Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council assists the Pastor in seeing the parish is carrying out its stated mission and that the pastoral needs of ALL parishioners are met.  These needs include the formation of community, the proclamation of the Gospel message, the celebration of the sacraments, and service to other parishioners and to the global community. 


As the Pastor's primary visioning and planning entity within our parish, the Pastoral Council looks forward with the Pastor to vision where our parish should be in five years, and then assists in creating the Pastoral Plan to reach that vision. The Pastoral Council does not run the parish or supervise its daily work. It is instead prophetic, calling the community and its leaders to grow in faith together and to respond to the needs of the people. 

The at-large members serve a three-year term. Membership is staggered so that unfilled seats are discerned each year. 




Pastoral Planning

Our Parish Pastoral Planning is inspired in a unique way by the Church's invitation to participate in the "New Evangelization." The documents below express what the "New Evangelization" is and how parishes can participate in it: