Haiti Outreach

Haiti Outreach is an outgrowth of a Diocese of Richmond sponsored program. Our Haiti Outreach Ministry began in 1987 when St. Joseph Parish, located 10 miles south of Hinche in the village of Thomonde was designated as our twin parish. That year, five of our parishioners traveled to Thomonde. Since then, our parish has built a relationship in which we share friendship, resources, and our cultures. We accomplish this through awareness, education, prayer, parish visits, and financial support.


  • AWARENESS: : Learning about our Haitian parish is a first step. Articles in the parish newsletter keep parishioners updated. 

  • EDUCATION: The primary focus of our Haiti ministry is education. We sponsor an annual fund drive during August, with proceeds used to buy teaching aids and materials for teachers, to fund teacher training, and to assist parents in purchasing their children’s text books and supplies.

  • PRAYER: We encourage everyone to remember our Haitian sisters and brothers daily in prayer. Prayer cards are available through Haiti Outreach.

  • PARISH VISITS: Parish “working retreat” visits are planned annually.  Consider joining the Haiti Outreach visit to Haiti next year.

  • ACTIVITIES: Haiti Outreach organizes several annual activities.  They range from sponsoring one of the Friday night Lenten Soup Suppers to attending the Diocesan Haiti Gathering each spring in Charlottesville.

For more information, contact Paul Dauphinais (757) 345-2977 or bedehaitioutreach@cox.net.