Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor

We all know people who have everything they could ever want or need. Yet we wish to acknowledge our friendship with them, or recognize a meaningful accomplishment they have achieved. You may wish to consider making a gift in their honor. Our parish offers you a way to honor someone who has been important to you by posting your loving tribute to them. Your gifts can be used in our ministries as we respond to our call to be 'disciples who form disciples'.



Memorial Gifts

We have all felt the grief that results when someone who was a part of our life is no longer with us. As you know, the loss of a family member or a friend can be a painful experience that can be lessened by the support of caring individuals who take the time to tell you how that person made a difference in their life. You can help perpetuate the memory of a loved one by making a gift in his or her memory.


Online Honor and Memorial Gifts 
To make an online gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one, click Donate Here  to access our secure website. Look under Special Collections for TRIBUTE where you can enter IMO or IHO and the name of your loved one. We will be happy to notify the individual or family of your tribute if you provide us with their name and address.  

You may be interested to know how our ministries focus on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. 
Saint Bede Ministry                                        Work of Mercy


JOY Ministry                                                       Visit the Sick

HOPE Pregnancy Care Center                           Clothe the Naked

Apostles of the Divine Mercy                             Admonish the Sinner & Forgive All Injuries   

RCIA/Welcome Home                                       Counsel the Doubtful & Comfort the Sorrowful

Prison Ministry                                                   Visit the Imprisoned

Williamsburg House of Mercy                            Feed the Hungry

Vacation Bible School                                       Give Drink to the Thirsty

Reconciliation                                                   Bear Wrongs Patiently

Faith Formation                                                 Instruct the Ignorant

Williamsburg House of Mercy                            Shelter the Homeless

Funeral Ministries                                              Bury the Dead & Pray for the Living and the Dead

To learn more about the many parish activity groups and ministries in our faith community, please click here 

Questions? Please contact Director of Development, Beatrice T. Sanford, OFS, MA at 757-229-3631 ext. 2315 or send an email




In the brief time Father James Kauffmann served as parochial vicar for Saint Bede Catholic Church, he touched many hearts and souls, drawing people into a closer relationship with our Lord. We have received a number of tributes towards improvements at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in loving memory of Father Kauffmann that we gratefully acknowledge:

Charles and Ora Avery
Barbara and Whitie Barrows
Dick and Shirley Blackwell
Karen Boyle

Bill and Linda Burke
Bob and Sue Calabro
The Eugene Canova Family
Jane Chambers
Mary and Ric Cheston
Celine Daulton
Marcelle and Paul Dauphinais
Marty DiLoreto
Sally and Tom Dolan
Bernie and Joanie Dugan
Pat Eden
Mary Jane Fenn
Del and Patty Humphreys
Beverly and Dick Hanley
John and Melinda Kauffmann
Lieve and Vincent Keeney
Georgiana Kornwolf
Karen and Matthew Lambert
Dorothy Leahey
Barbara and Mike Loh
Judy Marx
Joan Natoce
Lois and Ron Nervitt
Linh, Mandy, Xavier, Alexander, and Vincent Nguyen
Nancy Obadal
Mary Frances Rieger
Bea and David Sanford
Stephanie and Joe Sell
Bill and Sofie Starnes
Kathleen and Randolph Stowe
Patricia Volp
Richard and Sharon Wandtke
Joan and John Zilliox

Following his year as a parochial vicar to our parish, Father Alex Muddu has now been assigned as pastor of Saint Mary of the Annunciation Church in Ladysmith.  Father Muddu has asked that tributes made in his honor go towards the furnishing a new roof for the Muguluka sub-parish in his homeland of Uganda.  We gratefully ackowledge the gifts in honor of Father Muddu from: 

Greg and Marsha Allen
Jim and Patti Carini
Bert and Joanna Coronado
Karen and James Crowley
Marcelle and Paul Dauphinais
Sally and Tom Dolan
Kevin and Virginia Donovan
Bill and Judy Doyle
Bernie and Joanie Dugan
Donna Estes
Anthony and Jenna Farah Family
Donald and Dottie Fogel
Louise and Ludwig Franz
Del and Patty Humphreys
Karen and Tom Johnson
Georgiana Kornwolf
Karen and Matthew Lambert
Jeff and Sheila Lancour
Dale and Mary Elizabeth Merriss
Dan and Pat Murphy
Joseph and Rosemary Otto
Barbara Poma
Bea and David Sanford
Cecilia Schmidt
Lee and Pam Scruggs
Mary Stuczynski
John and Shirley Sutherland
Gale and Jim Turi
Emma and Jed Vaiden
Patricia Volp
Catherine and Steven White Family







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We gratefully acknowledge the following tributes made during the months of April through August 2017

Gift in Loving Memory of
Raymond E. Babineau, Jr.
given by Camille Wilm

Gift in Loving Memory of 
Florence M. Bearde
given by Nancy K. Houlihan

Gift in Loving Memory of
Josephine P. Bloniarz
given by Dorothy B. Leahey

Gifts in Loving Memory of Albert Robert Bongiovi given by:
Linda Kay Randall and Edward Watts
Frank and Theresa Sisto

Gift in Loving Memory of Thomas Michael Boyle, Jr. given by Janice W. Haynes

Gift in Loving Memory of James Breheny
given by Bea and David Sanford

Gifts in Loving Memory of Rocco Colafrancesco given by:
Naomi and Neal Bergman
Charter Communications
Chesapeake Bank
Carmino G. DeBiasio, USNR Ret.
Carlos delCastillo
Kelly Denesha
Carol and John Doctor
Elaine Angelides Kopp
John and Rose Marie Kostoff
Jeffrey Lambert
Joe Lesnowski
Angie Mazares
Jacquelyn and Steven Miron
Robert Miron
Mike Robertson
Allen and Rose Marie Cozzolino-Smith
Michelle and Jimmy Stuart

Gift in Loving Memory of Leo Paul "Buddy" Daspit given by:
Century National Bank
Mary Jane Fenn
Eleanore and Ron Jacobson

Gifts to Building Fund in Loving Memory of Ginger DiLoreto
given by:
Abby and James Adamson
Deborah and Kenneth Aducci
Bob and Terry Aimone
Barbara and Ralph Barrows
Karen and William Bennett
William Counce
Cathy and Larry Fronheiser (Music Ministry)
Brandon and Crystal Harshbarger
Henderson Construction, Inc.
Hogg Memorial Consultants
Eleanor and Ron Jacobson
Jacqueline and J Patrick Keith
Lynne and Robert Kiley
Karen and Matthew Lambert
Lola and Tom Landvogt
Connie and Tom Link
Barbara and Michael Loh
Al and Lil Meyer
Courtney and Mark Nantz
Charles and Nancy Ohlinger
Ross and Sylvia Payne
Jackie and Walter Purdy
Bea and David Sanford
Bob and Mildred Scarborough
Bill Schneider
Saint Mary's Catholic Church
Nancy and Walter Vanderhoof
Richard and Sharon Wandtke
Mary Kay Williams
Daphne and Dick Woestman

Gift in Honor of the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Bill and Judy Doyle

Gifts to Saint Bede Garden Ministry in Loving Memory of Richard Estes given by:
Glenda and Victor Amirault
Judith Cryts
Christine and Ronald Forgea
The Employees of Gilson, Inc.
Pat and Tom Hill
Carole and Donald LaRuffa
Doris and William Martyanik
Mark A. Newhall
Joo Yun Preece

Gifts to Williamsburg House of Mercy in Loving Memory of George "Ed" Hipps given by:
Apex Middle School Faculty & Staff
Dale and Sara Bonsall
Autom and Michael Cymbor
Bernadette and Wayne Cymbor
Laurie and William Dvorak
Carol Ann Ellett
Nancy and Randall Erickson
Laura Fitzpatrick
Christine Foschia
Norman Hipps
LSC Communications
Barbara Mackenzie
Marge and Tony Marotta
Ana Mclaughlin
Lori Mosely
Agnes and John Peters
Diane and Lawrence Reeves
Donald and Kushleen Rigone
Sherry Rigone
SAS Institute for Cathy Hipps
Bea and David Sanford
Nancy Williams
Grant Christopher Wilson
Heather Wisniewski

Gift to Choral Scholars Program in Honor of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Eleanor and Ronald Jacobson
given by Cathy and Larry Fronheiser

Gift to Williamsburg House of 
Mercy in Loving Memory of Steven Kaifesh
given by Pat and Ronald Scheil

Gift to Williamsburg House of Mercy in Loving Memory of Joseph Frank Lee
given by Jennie L. Green

Gifts to Music Ministry in Loving Memory of Thomas Lindsay given by:
Campbell School friends of Margie Thomas
     Julie Andersen
     Melissa Fiore
     Denise Gaudet
     Alex Gonzalez
     Kelli Holleran
     Donna Huntress
     Sophia Lopes
     Tara Pata
    Hope Seratelli
     Thomas Yak
     Kathy Zalec
Laurie Christinzio
James and Jennifer Cole
Nancy Conroy
Creativesap, Inc.
Barbara and Michael Derer
Bill and Judy Doyle
Edward Engel
Connie Fisher
Natalee Franzyshen
Donald and Millie Horley
John Lindsay
Linda Morgan
T. Drury and Karen Stowe
Symphonicity Board of Directors

Gift to Williamsburg House of Mercy in Honor of the wedding of Lindsey Lord and Brandon Finch given by Debra and Douglas Lord

Gift to Building Fund in Loving Memory of William J Love 
given by Jason and Yvette Shallcross

Gift in Honor of Ling Ngo to celebrate her birthday given by Bea and David Sanford 

Gift to Williamsburg House of Mercy in Loving Memory of Jim O'Donnell given by Joan Gartin

Gift to Building Fund in Loving Memory of Victor Padula given by:
David and Tracy Baltz
Patti and Sonny Halioris
Ann, Peter, and Matt Keys
Arthur and Marie Keys
Gail Langevin
Bea and David Sanford

Gift to Offertory in Loving Memory of Laurie Villarreal
given by Lou Villarreal