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We are a Catholic faith community proclaiming Christ's message in word and action. Further inspired by a call to the New Evangelization, we seek to be a community of disciples going forth and creating new disciples in our families, parish, and throughout greater Williamsburg.

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September 2, Tuesday Weekday

The Lord is just in all his ways. — Psalm 145:17 Mass Readings: 1 Corinthians 2:10b-16/Luke 4:31-37 Deny Stinking Thinking One of the great revelations of my life was that I control my thoughts, my thoughts don’t control me. My thoughts, my insightful therapist explained once, can define and shape not only how I interpret life, but even my emotions and attitude. In the 12-Steps-Program they call it “stinking thinking,” the power of negative thoughts to influence one’s life. When I allow negative thoughts to take control, I start to believe that I can do nothing right. I’ll inevitably fail. I mess up everything. I’m no good. “We have the mind of Christ,” St. Paul writes in today’s first reading to the Corinthians. To have the mind of Christ means to learn to see the world—and myself—with God’s eyes. It means to “think” with hope, encouragement, forgiveness, healing, love, patience, understanding. Prayer: My God, into Your hands I commend my life, especially my thinking. Today's meditation is from My Daily Visitor (Our Sunday Visitor) courtesy of your parish or diocese. Read More

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